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XDOG VEST REPAIRS- fast turn around, most repairs are accomplished same day.

Available options:

  • OGM Buckle replacments
  • Strap/velcro replacements
  • Strap extensions/reductions
  • Buckle upgrades (snap buckles)
  • Refurbish- Deep Cleaning,stain retardent and frays (optonal Velcro replaced)

Your Vest during repair will recieve a courtesy cleaning

To repair your vest for shipping.

  • Remove all weight bags
  • close all buckles and tuck into the vest
  • fold chest of the vest inside of the jacket
  • place Vest in a large evelope or bubble mailer
  • Use USPS for your shipping method (best value)

Before placeing your repair request please contact us. Some repairs may not be possiable.